Meat market houston

Meat market houston
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Houston A Center of World Trade
The busy Port of Houston usually ranks second among United States ports in total waterborne commerce. It averages almost 60 million tons a year. Outgoing domestic cargoes of crude petroleum and petroleum products, carried mainly in tankers moving through the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, make up about half the total tonnage.
Many tons of seashells, source of lime for the city's chemical plants, are shipped for short distances through the port. There is also heavy domestic traffic in clays and earths; coal; cement; iron and steel products; and raw sulphur, phosphate rock, and other chemicals. meat market houston
Foreign trade, mostly exports, accounts for about one fifth of the total tonnage. Large shipments of wheat and other grains are sent overseas. Exports also include raw cotton, petroleum products, chemicals, iron and steel scrap, machinery, and lumber. Leading imports are fuel oil, steel products, iron ore, coffee, molasses, sugar, rubber, and paper.
The Houston Ship Channel is the heart of the port. It penetrates some 50 miles inland through the shallows of Galveston Bay to the Turning Basin. Accessible to almost any ocean vessel afloat, the channel is 36 feet deep and at least 300 feet wide. Its banks are lined by many miles of wharves, transit sheds, grain elevators, bulk-handling facilities, and railroad spurs. meat market houston
Houston is the marketing center for an area in which much of the nation's rice and cotton is grown. Large numbers of cattle are fattened on nearby farms.
Houston also is the heart of a major industrial area. Value added by manufacture in the metropolitan area each year is about 1.5 billion dollars. Some 40 percent come from the output of chemicals, chemical products, and refined petroleum. Included are basic chemicals as well as plastics, paints, fertilizers, and synthetic rubber and fibers.
The main manufacturing district straddles the Houston Ship Channel. Here the concentration of oil refineries and petrochemical plants is almost unmatched anywhere in the world. Roughly 8 percent of all United States oil-refinery production comes from the Houston metropolitan area. To serve this industry the city has become a leading producer of oilfield machinery and equipment. It also is a national focus for pipelines carrying crude petroleum, petroleum products, and natural gas.
Other leading industries in and near Houston are the manufacture of food products- meat, flour, rice, molasses, dairy and cottonseed products, beverages, and baked goods and of iron and steel and fabricated metal products, largely for the oil and chemical industries. Ships, furniture, textiles, lumber and wood products, tile, cement, paper and paper products, bags and bagging, printed matter, industrial machinery, and scientific instruments also are manufactured in large quantities in Houston and the surrounding area. meat market Houston